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im working on breeding a line of new blood i like game birds they have long legs and big bodys soccer ball e'll tempered advice and no chickens fight i do im the bird survey Breeding

Love of the Games. But I "am not sure of your question. I can only think that you are wondering what to reproduce. I found the legs long x short legs, long legs was completely dominating until now in my culture project gamefowl cross. But I am only on the first generation with this cross. As for what races you want to use, I think you want to stay in gamefowl, except the Langshan, has long legs, and can add the feathered legs and rods to the gene bank for if it's something interesting. race game with long legs are modern game also known as the English of the modern game, they come out of curiosity, but can be difficult to find. Jungle ", but not typical I had a hen jungle with crazy long legs, guess it just depends on the breeder. Football-shaped body. gamefowl Many are naturally elegant but there are heavier breeds, and Asil Shamo two. Bad temperament. I think the temperament of poultry may be genetic, and also how you raise them. Why would anyone want poultry with a bad character is beyond me (unless combat, which I do not agree with) As someone who worked the games, I specifically reform on birds in bad mood, but I do it with all my poultry. So just as reform mood, and traits of the body, and after years of hard work, we hope you get something you like. Best wishes, Jamie / Rhoderunner

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